RAA Summer Exhibition

Warm summer days may not be a guaranteed part of the English summer but The Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition has been a constant on the London summer scene every year since 1768. This year’s exhibition is full of electric colours – the exhibition begins with the Jim Lambie’s ZOBOP stairs leading to the Halls. The video of this installation is worth watching and shows a time lapse of the meticulous laying of the bright vinyl tape to the Royal Academy’s neoclassical stair. ( Coordinating the Summer Exhibition’s installation is Michael Craig-Martin RA with walls painted in magenta and bright teal. There are exciting arrangements of painting, sculpture, and various mediums of contemporary art displayed in the 10 halls. A few of our favourites:

Liam Gillick’s by Applied Projection Rig hangs in halo above Matthew Darbyshire’s figure Doryphoros made of polycarbonate plastic in multicolour. Right: The magenta walls of Hall III

Left: Looking into Anish Kapoor’s Perspex Sculpture in Gallery VI. Right: This arrangement in Room II perfectly sums up the currator, Gallery II, Jock McFadyen;s them of ‘radical landscape’ and a collection that alludes at an interpretation of modern Britain, including a Damien Hurst’s Harry Hill and of course Simon Jean Samtula. 

Top: Duplex Etching: Yellow, Orange by Ivan Davenport


‘A Humument’ by Tom Phillips is displayed solely in Room X and is a collection of second-hand book pages which have been collated and recreated through collaging and painting over each page.